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Homestead Academy does well in the Hawaii Triple Crown 2011 Tournament!

Our Homestead Kids did their best against Oahu.  All of our kids placed in their division.  It started off with a long weigh-in process early in the morning.  Standing in line for about an hour to get weighed-in basically showed what was in stored for that day.  After weighing in, there was hour and half wait getting into the Blaisdell Building.  When we got into the building, another hour and half wait till the tournamnent started. 

The kids started off slow, but got into the groove as the time went on.  Keinan Nakamura had tough tough matches in the white belt division.  I know he won't forget his first tournament taking 2nd in GI and 1st in NO GI!  Kama Kang showed his grittiness getting 1st in his GI division.  Shayna Kamaka (miss state wrestling champ) kept her winning ways taking 1st GI & 2nd in NO GI respectfully.  Taeven-lee Bates, did his best in probably the most stacked group in the tournament taking 3rd in both GI & NO GI.  Sage Kamaka-Presbitero showed his technique taking 1st in both division.  The Eugenio brothers (Shae & Shandon) gave that 1, 2 punch that put them in the top 3.  Kyri Paranada probably had the most exciting match (NO GI) in the tournament.  Though he got 2nd by Triple Crown officials, you can keep your head up boy, cause we all know who the winner was.  Konan Nakamura didn't want to be left out from the fun so he jumped in late and snagged 3rd in NO GI.  Elijah Moritz got word from Romolo Barros that there was a mix up in the GI division and got 3rd.  He also got 1st in NO GI due forfeit by opponent in his division. 

Now warm ups is done, lets look foward to the Maui Jiu Jitsu 8th annual tournament.


Keinan Nakamura 2nd GI & 1st NO GI white belt div.

Kamahao Kang 1st GI white belt div.

Shayna Kamaka 1st GI & 2nd NO GI color div.

Taeven-lee Bates 3rd GI & 3rd NO GI color div.

Sage Kamaka-Presbitero 1st GI & 1st NO GI color div.

Shandon Eugenio 3rd GI & 3rd NO GI color div.

Shae Eugenio 2nd GI & 3rd NO GI color div.

Kyri Paranada 2nd NO GI color div.

Konan Nakamura 3rd GI

and just in Elijah Moritz. 3rd GI & 1st NO GI color div.