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Homestead Academy was founded by the Kamaka Family in October 2009 at their resident garage.  Koa  wanted to teach his passion of the sports to his own children.  He felt the skills of participating in these sports would help build character and in-still discipline at a very young age.  After speaking with several family and friends, hearing about their personal experiences in searching for a place that offered similar trainings, he was shocked about the fees different

clubs charged. 

Being the loving father and loyal friend, his heart pulled him towards helping them in any way possible.  After speaking with his Hanai Brother Tyson Coloma-Naho’oikaika,  he was inspired to open up his own club and offer his trainings to others.  Speaking with his wife Peaches, they both decided to hold classes at their home in the garage. He started out teaching  Jiu- Jitsu and Boxing Classes ,after several months it extended to wrestling.

In Loving Memory of Tyson Coloma-Naho'oikaika